Modular Automated System of Sampling and Sample Preparation M-SAOP

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M-SAOP System consists of a Sampler (bucket, sweep-type or auger) and a Module with sample preparation equipment.

The System is affective for sampling and sample preparation of coal of any moisture as well as sticky coal prone to smearing crusher sieves. This System is designed according to the Customer technical requirements and can be adjusted for any other raw materials, such as ore, coke and other. Such Systems are suitable for power stations, preparation plants, ports.

Sampling from falling flow


Sampling from the belt with a sweep-type sampler




Module with sample preparation equipment



Installation example

This example system consists of a swing-arm sampler, module with sample preparation equipment and a waste returning elevator.

System layout may differ from the picture and is totally customisable.

Samples are taken from the belt surface by the swing-arm sampler using the bucket up to 450 mm wide. Samples are transferred into the feeder by the skip loader.

A metal detector installed on the belt surface protects the feeder from metal parts which may bring the crushing equipment out of action. The detector just makes the system stop when any metal parts are detected on the belt.

Benefits of Modular Automatic Sampling and Sampling Preparation System M-SAOP

– corresponds to the demands of international standards;

– the Module is easy to move from one object to another if needed;

– the System can be easily installed and uninstalled within only 8 hours;

Рthe sample preparation equipment is disposed inside an isolated  container with heating and air-conditioning;

– full automation of the sample division process of coal with full automation of the sample division process of coal with any moisture;

– the System is computerized so the sampling conditions can be set remotely (sampling interval or portions quantity);

– laboratory samples duplicates are automatically packed into standard containers;

– the material which is left after reduction is returned to the belt;

– almost no dusting while the complex is operated;

– no sample preparation worker is needed for the Complex operation;

– the equipment can be easily cleaned from the previous sample waste;

– the System can be easily modified by joining additional modular blocks;

– no additional time or funds you will need to make project documentation for placing sample preparation equipment, as well as for building premises.

The only thing the Customer will have to build is a foundation to place the System Module;

– no human bias or discretion;

– system always runs the same.