Automatic Sampling and Sample Preparation for Coal Quality Control

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SAOP systems of automatic sampling and sample preparation of coal are intended for sampling (cross-belt or from a falling flow) and gross samples accumulation during a predetermined time interval, further crushing, splitting and dividing increment samples for getting laboratory sample needed for coal quality control.

SAOP is a unique modern high-tech computerized system, which combines several processes:
– cross-belt or falling flow sampling (different types of samplers are used: cut-off, swing arm or bucket samplers);
– automatic weighing in a gross sample accumulation bunker, which allows to control the sampling process properly;
– crushing and splitting the sampled material up to the laboratory sample 3 mm size;
– dividing laboratory sample into several equal duplicates;
– the material which is left after reduction is returned to the belt.

Our system almost completely eliminates manual labor, that significantly reduces material costs, increases representativeness and objectiveness of sampling.

Automatic sampling system is designed on the basis of the customer’s specifications and can be adapted for sampling other raw materials.
SAOP Systems correspond to ISO 13909-1:2001, ISO 13909-2:2001, ISO 13909-4:2001.