Mobile Sampling and Sample Preparation Unit: Mobi-Sampler

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Auger samplers are widely used for deliveries by road or rail (sampling from carriages or trucks) as well as sampling from stockpiles.  The mobile use of an auger sampler with a sample preparation laboratory – Mobile Sampling and Sample Preparation Unit Mobi-Sampler.



The Unit consists of the following parts:

  • Mobile platform on which the Unit is installed;
  • Module with a set of a sample preparation equipment (module laboratory);
  • Auger sampler.

On a single mobile platform the following equipment is placed: manipulator and module with an operator’s cabin and sample preparation equipment inside. The platform can be installed and fixed by retractable outriggers. The operator controls the manipulator out of the cabin where the remote control system of the auger visual monitoring is installed.

  • The Sampler corresponds to the relevant international standards.
  • By agreement with the customer the system may be equipped with an X-Ray fluorescence analyzer.
  • Initial material size – up to 300 mm.
  • Depth of the sampling – up to 3 m.
  • Total power consumption of the system does not exceed 75 kW.


  • Sampling and sample preparation are done just in one place – in one place.
  • The whole station (both processes of sampling and sample preparation) can be operated by only one operator.
  • The Unit does not require any projects or building works. After installation it is ready for being operated just in several hours.
  • The system is mobile – it can easily be transported to any other places any time.
  • The samples are of high representativity.
  • Samples can be taken from frozen and wet  material.